Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama's Racist Executive Order

Hey Hey Ho Ho the Marxist racist has GOT TO GO!

"The economy remains in shambles yet President Obama keeps wasting taxpayer dollars expanding an already bloated U.S. government, this month launching a new office to help build a “diverse and inclusive workforce” at all federal agencies. The new Office of Diversity and Inclusion will ensure that the entire U.S. government develops comprehensive strategies to drive and integrate diversity and inclusion practices. It will assist the different agencies in building a workforce that “respects individual and organizational cultures” by examining policy options, data trends and employee survey findings."
Keep on expanding the government Barry someday YOU will suffer from your own folly. Let me summarize: If you are white, fuck you. If you are NOT white...we have a job for you. Not to mention Obama has a curious taste in art:

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