Sunday, August 21, 2011

We are An Idiocracy

So...the other day as I typed away at my computer on a job, I had the TV on and in the background there was a movie on. It was called Idiocracy. I only know the title because the TV tells you about every 40 seconds what you are watching in case you idiot. I did not select this movie nor did I intend to watch it. It was a poorly made movie with shitty actors and a bad plot really....but at the end...I came to believe that it was almost a prophecy. The plot...well America bred a bunch of fucktards. Over and over and the people with any brain cells just kinda stopped breeding. Eventually the breeders of the fucktards became the majority...and in the end the idiots ran it all. And poorly. They were so controlled and so fucking dumb they couldn't even water their own lawns....enter JOE. This guy had been put on ice 500 years before because he was JUST AVERAGE. And HE saved the world. The average guy. He was "average" in every way. In the end...he became president. Of the "new world". Where average was better than FUCKTARD. I see this movie as almost autobiographical. We are there. The fucktards are taking over and it will take the average JOE'S to reclaim the world.

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