Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Coffee Party USA - FAIL

The right has their Tea Party, now the left wants their Coffee Party.

Funny, but the left consistently fails to understand that it's not the beverage, it's what was DONE with the beverage that matters.

The opposition "Party", Coffee Party USA, is completely AstroTurf, read the details HERE at Big Journalism.
Annabelle Park, the so called "founder" of Coffee Party USA claims,"that the Coffee Party is “purely grassroots” and “independent of any party", and is,"laughably rebutted by the fact that the registrant for the website was listed as “Real Virginians For Webb, 14461 Sedona Drive, Gainesville, Virginia 20155” until the information suddenly went private behind a proxy. That’s “Webb” as in Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, one of at least two elected Democrats for whom Park has actively campaigned..."
Do they really think we are that stupid? They don't do anything "grassroots". Hell they pay their protesters to protest everything from Big Biz to opposition candidates. And they even have to pay for support of their OWN candidates.

Coffee Party USA = FAIL.

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