Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Moral Liberal

In my thirst for knowledge about the beast that is liberalism today, I frequent a few liberal websites just to keep "informed". Because I wish to stop the spread of their inane ramblings, I'll use a fake name when referring to one blog I go to, I'll call it "The Circle Jerk" or TCJ for short.

A few of the libbies at this site are, for the most part good people. Even nice. And if politics were in no way involved, I'd probably call a couple of them friend. TCJ has a nice spread of hard core socialists, anti-Christian crusaders and GOP haters, along with your friendly "green reports", that are one of the reasons I even bother going there these days.

Way back, when I first started commenting there, I made a comment on gay marriage. Nothing "anti-gay", just that marriage to me, is a union between a man and a woman and that's that.(I have since changed my mind on this issue.) I got ripped a few new holes, a was liberally (pun intended) showered with the stereotypical "Nazi Refukklican" names I've grown so used to. Called a bigot 6 ways to Sunday.

So, last week one of their more moonbatty characters posted on the Jefferson scandal, and alluding to there being something "fishy" about the whole thing. I of course jumped in immediately with the whole, "Sure you think it's fishy when it's a Dem, but if this had been a Republican you'd be running out for some more firewood to plant under the stake you'd burn him on."

She corrected my assumptions, and clarified her point, and I said, and I quote:

Ah, I stand corrected. Jenn Homepage 05.24.06 - 3:39 pm

But, then, this lovely comment was next:

Jenn, I knew you would be on the black man's case. You love it when you can string those boys up, don't you. In reality why not just try f*cking one of them, then you would not be so afraid of the perceived big dick syndrome that your white men have perpetuated since slavery to keep them from their white women.
Chasingmoksha 05.25.06 - 12:58 pm

Now, keep in mind, I made no mention of his color.It just isn't a factor in this case.

Is it just me, or did this "person" just go off on the race card, with no provocation? But.....did one single liberal from this blog say anything to her? Did one of them say a single thing to her about her racist B.S. statement? And the fraction of what she wrote, that I posted here, are the "nice" parts.

Then, after I replied that she was pulling the tired race card crap and that it wasn't an issue of race and that she should try therapy, she had this to say:

"Oh the cracker pulls out the "bitch" card. LMAO! Glad to know that I got to your dried up old repig ass. Liberal-envy is a bitch,-- ain't it. You know why? Because liberals tend to be morally correct, you know, the real morally correct, not the one fabricated to make fat ass oil men richer."

Here folks is the true "Morally Correct" voice of the Liberal Left.

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