Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Could Just Vomit

From the Politically Correct B.S. files.No wonder kids are so screwed these days.

"Teachers are being warned to watch what they write and say about students because of the risk of being sued for defamation.

Parents and Citizens' Association president Di Giblin believes words such as lazy or phrases such as "can try harder" should not be used. "It is very important when referring to young people that their self-esteem is not damaged," Ms Giblin said. "Try harder doesn't tell a parent anything . . . it is better to say 'needs motivating' or 'is finding it difficult to be engaged in work'"....


This goes well with this one, that I have mentioned before:"The use of red pen implicitly implies harsh critique - students expect red pen, and know that it means they will be judged." -Source

Hell yeah you're being judged. That's part of growing up. You want to send kids out in the world without any preparation? It's a joke.

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