Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Liberals: How To Destroy Higher Education

"If your idea of fighting terrorism involves dropping bombs on al Qaeda hide-outs, chances are you're probably not a Swarthmore College student."

"...students at Swarthmore spent the fall semester learning how to deal with terrorism by studying "the dynamics of cultural marginalization" and examining "the rich history of nonviolent counterterrorist tactics."

"..professor George Lakey's "Nonviolent Responses to Terrorism" class earned Swarthmore a spot in the "Dirty Dozen," a listing of the "most bizarre" college classes in the nation as compiled by the Young America's Foundation (YAF)."

Also in the Dirty Dozen.....

"Queer Musicology," University of California-Los Angeles: Mitchell Morris instructs students how "sexual difference and complex gender identities in music and among musicians have incited productive consternation." WTF????

"Occidental College’s The Phallus covers a broad study on the relation “between the phallus and the penis, the meaning of the phallus, phallologocentrism, the lesbian phallus, the Jewish phallus, the Latino phallus, and the relation of the phallus and fetishism."

"Occidental also snagged fifth place for its course entitled "Blackness," which explores such topics as "new blackness," "critical blackness" and "post-blackness."

Folks, I'm not making this sh*t up.
"Cornell University’s Sex, Rugs, Salt, & Coal asks students to ponder the questions: Why are “oriental” rugs collector’s items? How did we come to keep salt shakers on our dinner tables? When did coal start replacing wood as a fuel source?" People pay tuition for these classes?????

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