Friday, February 27, 2009

San Diego Tea Party Wrap Up

Tea hee hee......

Well, I went to the San Diego Tea Party, there were about 200+ people there and it was a lot of fun! There were about 3 runs in's with dangerous Moonbat drivers who not only all seemed to have broken their middle fingers, but 2 of them actually seemed to attempt running a few of us over. Over all though it was a really pepped up crowd, who was both pissed and polite. Typical Righties.

Best part, is most of the cops who were there left halfway though since we are all peaceful, unlike the MOONBATS, who riot and break things. And they even ripped their sirens for us all. There were a lot of Navy going by (since they are stationed there) and all of them waved and honked like crazy.

My favorite sign of the day.
tea party, san diego,change we can't
Tea Party, San Diego,afford sign
It was this guy's first time protesting he was JAZZED!

Obama ain't my Momma either.

The Crowd:
san diego, tea party, crowd
This lady dominated this corner of the center divide. She was really nice to talk to and PISSED.

San Diego Tea Party
Before the party started:
tea party,crowd
No kidding dude.
tea party, socialism
Mike Crimmins, who ran against Susan Davis and predictably lost, came and gave a pep talk. He's posing with the faux tea bags they threw into the harbor. (Yes Moonbats, they fished them out after.)
Mike Crimmins, tea party
Even some boaters on The Big Bay got into the action.

For more on the Nationwide Tea Party see here. By my count there were well over 200 people there. Good times.

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