Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Christmas Hating Atheist

As an atheist, it's atheists like this guy who piss me off to no end.

"There's no place for angels atop Christmas trees, according to one California man who successfully lobbied for the removal of religious symbols at county buildings after spotting a yuletide decoration last week.

Stars and other religious emblems were ordered removed from Christmas trees in all government buildings in Sonoma County on Monday following a complaint by Irv Sutley, a disabled 65-year-old Marine veteran who said the symbols were "extremely offensive" and part of the "cult" of Christianity.

"I just don't believe government has the right to intrude on anyone and force them into sectarian behavior," Sutley told "I've opposed Buddhist statues, the star of David — anything of a religious nature."

Stars are religious? That's news to THIS atheist. An angel on top a tree is "extremely offensive"?????


Merry CHRISTmas,

Thanks Moonbattery for the reminder this existed. LOL.

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