Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another Terrorist Dry Run? Air Trans Flight 297

Look it's this simple: Not all the Muslims in the world are terrorists, but a vast majority of terrorists are Muslims.

After 9/11 one cannot help but make sure to keep all Muslims in view at all times while flying. I even have a t-shirt I like to wear while flying that says: I am watching YOU! So when a bunch of Muslims get on a plane, start talking loudly in Arabic, acting odd, using cell phones and walking about the cabin when they've been directed to stay seated it get's your attention. We've seen it before.

Flight 297 Passenger: Incident Bigger Than AirTran Claims:

Watch the raw footage of a interview with a passenger who was aboard flight 297 sceduled to fly from Atlanta to Houston here.

Here's the questions that need to be asked:

1) If they were harmless,if this was just a "customer service issue", then why did they delay the flight for over 2 hours and return only a few of the men to the plane. Two of them never re-boarding.

2) Who were the calls made to or received from.

3) What mosque do they attend?

4) Ties with radical organizations?

5) Purpose of travel?

While these things may seem a bit over the top, after Ft. Hood, 9/11 etc. I think the time for embracing our Muslim Brothers and Sisters are over. If they would like Sharia Law, the go back to the Middle East. If they want to hang out with non-infidels, then feel free to return to the country of origin. But we can no longer afford to take the politically correct route and I think the people of this country deserve more information and more scrutiny in the face of an enemy like no other we have seen before.

I see these coordinated plane trips as one thing and one thing only, a test. They are testing us to see how far they can go, how hard they can push before we lash out. Instead of looking at men like these we still have Grandma going to secondary inspection all in the name of PCBS.

Look at what happened in Iraq today. 121 killed. More injured. For what? Nothing. They kill because that's all they know, all they want to know and all they are taught from their first breath. They blow up their own women, their own children, themselves. They don't love their country or their own people nor have any pride in anything but a devotion to a cult so sick and twisted it praises death, mutilation and carnage as the will of their sick "god" in his name.

An the media? This story is not about Barack, Gore or some evil white Christian male and his evil American Flag/Christmas tree/gun rack. Therefor this story is not of interest. Sickening.

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