Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 20 News Stories- Good Bye 2009, Hello 2010

What a long strange decade this has been.

January 2001 George Bush was elected, less than 8 months later, the world as I knew it changed drastically. I wasn't very political per se back then, but 9/11 changed me in so many ways. It changed us all. It changed how we look at the world, live our lives and view others. 9/11 was life changing for everyone. Still is....

For me, the top 20 stories of the past decade were....In no particular order at all.

1.) The War On Islamic Nut Jobs.
2.) Hurricane Katrina.
3.) 9/11.
4.) Michael Jackson Gets Away With Kiddie Diddling/Michael Jackson Bites it.
5.) China's Rise To Power.
6.) Global Recession/Busted Economy/Housing Bubble Burst Of 2009 - Current.
7.) The Tsunami.
8.) The Commie Olympics/Beijing.
9.) The White Powder/Anthrax Attacks.
10.) The DC Snipers.
11.) The So. Cal Wildfires.
12.) Saddam Hussein Takes A Dirt Nap.
13.) The Invention Of The Do Not Call List.
14.) The Rise Of The Truthers.
15.) BTK Killer Caught.
16.) Terri Schiavo Allowed to Die In Peace.
17.) Virginian Tech
18.) The Government Take Over Of The Auto Industry/Bailouts.
19.) The Great Global Warming Swindle.
20.) Commie Bastard Sworn In As 44th President Of The United States Of America.

Of course there was so much more, so many other things have happened from MAJOR technological advancements to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the numerous terrorist attacks, REAL natural disasters, the iPhone, the use of CGI. A lot happened in the last decade. Some good, some bad.

Let's hope there's more good than bad in the NEXT decade.

What was YOUR top news of the last decade dear readers?

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