Tuesday, December 01, 2009

White House Party Crashers

Let's look at this story and what it tells us about the Obama administration:

1) The couple, Tareq Salahi and his wife Michaele, claim "that they were invited to the bash by a Washington law firm with ties to a senior Pentagon official."

2) According to The White House and the Secret Service, the Salahis who "managed to access the White House grounds via the Southeast Gate, enter through the East Wing and be photographed both with President Obama and the prime minister of India." Did all of that "without holding a formal invitation or having their names on the official guest list for the Obama administration’s first state dinner."

One of them is lying. The fact is, two civilian nut jobs managed to not only get INTO The White House itself, but get within inches of the Prime Minister of India, the President, the Vice President and many other dignitaries. The White House can tell us as many times as it wants that they are "working on it" and that the White House and all there were safe, but I for one am not buying it. THIS is UNPRECEDENTED. Yes, Obama, UNPRECEDENTED. And wrong.

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