Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Airline Safety And The Terrorist Threat

Well listening to Robert "Sitdownandshutup" Gibbs this morning was so FUN! Apparently, the system worked as it should have -- which is why it failed. Here's Gibbs from the other day saying basically what he repeated today.

Obama is due to speak in about an hour, to give the terrorists a heads up on some new plans for "airline security". He should just make a pamphlet and hand it out by the crate load to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and pretty much the rest of the entire Middle East. Or better yet have the TSA post "an internal guide to its airport passenger screening procedures on the Internet in a way that could offer insight into how to sidestep security." Like it did on the 8th of December.....

Here's an idea for airline security....how about leaving Granny Annie and little Billy Joe alone and take a closer look at Abdulla Hussein Abdullahahha. Just a thought.

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