Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

Having lived through a devastating 7.1 earthquake myself I feel very empathetic to the poor people of Haiti, to all people of Haiti.

That being said, I fail to understand why we are rushing our ships and our MONEY to help them at this time. We have people dying all over the United States due to the deep freeze. We have people in Louisiana still homeless from Katrina. Homeless people sleeping under bushes, kids who go to bed hungry every night. Hardworking Americans who have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings. Soldiers who come home to nothing.

Yet we are going to spend MILLIONS to help another country?

Where's China? How much is China giving in aid? Is China rushing ships and aid to the people of Haiti?

If INDIVIDUALS want to donate to the Red Cross for Haiti, as I will do, then fine. But the Federal government should not be spending our tax dollars on this catastrophe.

President Obama expressed "unwavering support" for the people of Haiti and promised a "swift and coordinated effort".

As horrific as it is, the job of the Federal government is not to take care of the world, it is to take care of America and Americans only.

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