Monday, February 15, 2010

How NOT To Win A War

Defeated By Our Own Rules Of Engagement...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we CANNOT ever declare any type of "victory" in Afghanistan unless the boots on the ground are actually ABLE TO FIGHT.

Case in point: 12 "civilians" were killed by NATO forces on Sunday. Civilian being rather subjective. Why were they killed? Did big old mean America kill a bunch of innocent women and children with impunity? Well no actually....

"Afghan Interior Minister Atmar said at the briefing in Lashkar Gah that nine civilians and two or three insurgents were among those killed, suggesting that insurgents were firing at troops from a civilian home.

"The reality is this ... the enemy did capture some civilians in their house and they were firing at our forces from this house. Unfortunately our forces didn't know that civilians were living in that house," he said."

So...our soldiers did their job, killed the enemy and we APOLOGIZE? Sorry all that does is make us look like assholes.

Here are the facts straight up from the one and only type of person I care to listen to about this type of situation:
"The inability to stop people who don't have weapons is the main hindrance right now," said 1st Lt. Gavin McMahon of Brooklyn, N.Y. McMahon. "They know how to use our ROE against us," referring to the Rules of Engagement."

We will never win, we will never find an end and Afghanistan will be the war that never ends unless we man up, fight the fight and get the hell out. Ask the boots on the ground. Ask Lt.McMahon. Ask Russia.

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