Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Rahm Retarded? PCBS Run Amok

No debate here, Rahm "Try 'em in New York" Emmanuel is retarded. But his comments about fellow Democrats was spot on, they ARE "f*cking retarded". That being said his comment, made in private speaking to a fellow leftard is not a big deal. Really.

Look people, is there a bias, did he get away with language that Karl Rove would have been tarred and feathered for? Yes. But come on.

Retarded is a word that has been used for decades upon decades to mean someone who sucks ass. It is not a slight to those in America and across the world suffering from mental retardation beyond their ability to correct.

Please, PLEASE my little right wing friends, let's not fall into the leftist politically correct idiocy. Because we look just as lame as they do when we over react to stupid sh*t.

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