Friday, February 05, 2010

Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad May Kill Women

This just goes to show how fundamentally messed up Moonbats are.

This is an excerpt from some leftard blog:

"If Tebow and his mother were telling a different story, perhaps one where she thought she didn’t have the money for another child or she was pregnant out of wedlock, I’d shake my head and say, “There’s another anti-choice ad riding on the backs of someone’s fame and money.” But, this ad actually endangers the lives of women. How many women, just like me, who are told that they might die if they continue a pregnancy, will refuse abortions because they are reminded that the baby they have could be a star?

Football fame is powerful stuff in the south, as is religion and the Focus on the Family group. There is a distinct possibility that women will die because of this ad. "


1.) A 30 second ad on TV is not going to change the minds of those set on abortion/baby killing.

2.) I and EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET have not seen the ad. Why so scared?

3.) Anti-choice? How is it anti-choice to advocate life over slaughter and irresponsibility? I mean I support a woman's right to chose, but I'd rather sluts didn't get knocked up every other week and kill their babies because they CHOSE to be irresponsible. You pro baby killing freaks are more anti-choice than the most backwards rightard, Cheeto eating fascist neocon nutter out there. To you the ONLY choice is abortion.

Psycho Moonbat.

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