Friday, March 26, 2010

Angry Tea Baggers Unite

I was listening to Alan Colmes on Megyn Kelly's show this morning talk about the recent spate of "violent/racist" incidents and I admit I was getting pissed. So far I have seen no proof any of these incidents actually occurred, in fact I have seen much evidence to the contrary. Colmes was so upset that evil right wing extremists have been spitting on black congressmen(false) and calling them names(false)he looked like he may stroke out at any minute. It was just one more episode of a Democrat being irresponsible and lying through his teeth. Facts be damned.

Heaven forbid Republicans FINALLY stand up and get angry. For too many years they just sat back and watched Democrats throw bricks through recruiting center windows, call our men and women in the service baby killers and SPIT on them and assault members of the GOP party. Code Pink anyone. etc.

The sheer ignorance and willful disregard for facts being spewed by most of the MSM should almost be categorized as criminal. At the very least these "News" organizations who keep spewing the lies of OFA and the like should have to run a disclaimer like any other political attack ad.

I am sure this guy is just misunderstood. Right?

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