Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Eating The Government Cheese

Everyone who listens to my fake radio show or reads this blog knows I was out of work for almost a year and a half. There were no jobs, no one was hiring. I looked everyday for a job. Sent out my resume a thousand times....nothing. We had significant savings and a nice fat credit line.

Fast forward to now....the savings are gone, the credit line maxed out and the job I did finally get pays about 1/16th what I was making before.

I never, EVER, ate government cheese. Not once. My hand never reached out, empty and asked,"Please sir can I have some more".

Apparently I am a rare breed.
"About 11.4 million out-of-work people now collect unemployment compensation, at a cost of $10 billion a month. Half of them have been receiving payments for more than six months, the usual insurance limit. But under multiple extensions enacted by the federal government in response to the downturn, workers can collect the payments for as long as 99 weeks in states with the highest unemployment rates -- the longest period since the program's inception."
99 weeks???? What incentive is there to find a job then?

Additionally, if Obama decides on pushing Shamnesty 2 down our throats, then the 30 million illegals currently in the country get to keep their under the table jobs, so when does it end?

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