Sunday, April 04, 2010

EARTHQUAKE!!!! Mexicali/Southern California

Holy poop on a stick!!! We had a major earthquake down here in San Diego today. In case you hadn't heard. It was a big one. Early reports are putting the quake at a 7.2.

My only experience with a large super quake was back in 1989 in the San Fransisco Bay Area and that one was a 7.1.

I have to say, I haven't had an adrenaline rush like that in years. Maybe since 1989.

I was at work and the store was full of people. My co-worker and I were in the back room talking when it started. He flipped out, being from Idaho and all, this was his first quake. I shoved him out the back door and ran up through the store making sure customers got to a doorway or out. The entire building was swaying dramatically and the plate glass windows were buckling. Cars in the parking lot were all over the place. It was so long and frankly the fact that it kept going and got stronger and stronger did kinda freak me out. It just seemed like it would never stop. I like a good earthquake but this was ridiculous.

We did not suffer any damage personally at the store or home. Just some items off shelves and at home a few things fell over, there is a lot picture straightening to do.

Phew....I will pass on another one of those for the foreseeable future.

Damn earthquakes.

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