Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Republican Pussies?

Are we becoming pussies? Is the party of HELL NO YOU COMMIE BASTARDS becoming the party of..."My feewings are hurt?"

Andrew Breitbart was giving Media Matters Ho Eric Boehlert a ration of crap on Facebook/Twitter because Eric still seems to doubt that Kenneth Gladney had his ass kicked by SEIU thugs at a rally last year. Eric is either deaf, dumb and blind or just a Liberal, but there is irrefutable video evidence that the attack occurred. Although even I have to say "beating" is kinda strong. I'd classify it as a tussle.

The two of them, Breitbart and Boehlert seem to have a Keith Olberdouche/Sean Hannity love affair. I find it amusing.

I asked Andrew, since Andrew offered $100,000 for proof of a Tea Partier calling the Black Caucus tools nigger, if he had video of the SEIU bastards saying the same. I mean I have watched the Gladney video many times. I heard the word asshole used repeatedly but never nigger. I'm not saying it wasn't said, just that I have watched the video numerous times and never heard it. His reply to me was:

"Gotta love that the new standard of the left is VIDEO evidence. Gladney and police report not enough! How that standard will change when its their side making charge. Oh yeah, the N-Word incident at the Cannon building with 100s of witnesses and videocameras AND ZERO EVIDENCE it was said ONCE let alone 15 TIMES. Liberals have zero standards on purpose. So they can change the rules at will with zero shame." -A. Breitbart
There are several factors here that need addressing.

1.) Even remotely implying I am a leftard stooge is disingenuous at best.
2.) I could scream rat tomorrow and file a police report, doesn't mean there was a rat.
3.) If you DEMAND and offer $100,000 for video proof from them, its not shocking if they ask if you have proof.
4.) The word is nigger. If you can't even type it then you have no business debating the ramifications of using it in an improper context.

I like Andrew, his fire, his passion. But let's not become a bunch of whining simpering pussies who can't take the heat and leave the kitchen while it's on fire.

Kenneth Gladney was up and at 'em pointing fingers rightfully at his attackers immediately after his smack down. He wasn't scared for life and his injuries couldn't have been that severe as he was walking, talking and taking names within seconds of the attack. Pretending the fight was more than it was is nothing but something any typical Commie twit would do.

We're better than that.

Flame on.

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