Monday, April 26, 2010

Screw Mexico

Calderon has GOT TO BE KIDDING.
"Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Monday condemned Arizona's tough new immigration law as discriminatory and warned that relations with the U.S. border state will suffer.

The measure, which will make it a crime under state law to be an illegal immigrant, "opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement," Calderon said.

Calderon said he had instructed the Foreign Relations Department to double its efforts to protect the rights of Mexicans living in the United States and seek help from lawyers and immigration experts."
Is he KIDDING???

1.) If I move to Mexico, I get nothing for free. In fact I cannot even OWN beach front property. I do not get free health-care, schooling or food. In fact you, my little south of the border friend have one of the most violent anti-immigration policies on the planet. Let's talk about what you do to YOUR illegals.

2.) Is Calderon living in a cave with Osama's corpse somewhere in Afghanistan? Relations are already FUBAR.

3.) Abuse in law enforcement? How about ABUSE OF OUR GD LAWS??????

4.) How is it discriminatory? It's just the FEDERAL law being enacted at a state level.

5.) Sorry but did he just admit he has MILLIONS of HIS citizens living in MY country? Hey Felipe, you f-ing douche bag, they are YOUR people.

6.) Any immigration expert who isn't breaking the law SHOULD tell the criminal invaders to F-OFF back home.

I'll tell you this, Obama, PUH-LEEEZE try amnesty, because you little twit, because if you do, you are guaranteed to be a one term loser.

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