Sunday, May 02, 2010

Car Bomber In Times Square A Teabagger?

Well all day I have read every story I could about the would be car bombing Saturday in New York's Times Square.

General consensus is that the perpetrator was a white 40 year old male Christian card carrying member of the Tea Party crowd.

Here's a sample of some of the comments on the Foxnews story:

blackkj2056--If it turns out this is a domestic terrorist attempt, then we should start racial profiling White, Male, 18 - 50

taye500--Dick Cheney would have wished for those Bombs to go off!

friedhard--Glenn Beck was seen purchasing that kind of clock!

iloveamerica2--Must have been done by a Teabagger!

gloryofgood --And so it begins. The extreme right that has been bombarding the uneducated, single voting crowd with nothing but extremist ideology, is now forming their own personal terrorist group within the U.S.

Midga--The teabagggers/repubs would be a good point to start looking. They would try anything to get ahead with the voters. Repubs are party of deceit, lies, war mongers and f@t C@ts.

So, there you have it. The Time Square bomber is clearly a Teabagger.

/sarc off.

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