Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Obama Blames___________( Fill In Blank)

It's way past old that Barack Hussein Obama chooses to blame the world for his problems and never take the blame he should.

His mouthpiece Robert Gibbs is nothing more than an apologist stooge.

He blames everything that goes wrong in his administration on the previous one.

He blames patriotic Americans for his plunge in the polls.

He blames Beck and Limbaugh for the denigration of political discourse, ignoring the vile spewings from MSNBC freaks like Madcow and Olberdouche.

The only people he doesn't blame are the Muslim terrorists themselves.

It's high time King Barry take the blame for HIS problems.

Muslim terrorist attacks have begun becoming common place during his administration(Little Rock, Ft. Hood, Times Square, Undies Bomber). Inflation is going gangbusters, recovery is barely noticeable and in some places not even a blip on the radar. Jobless rates continue to climb. Political discourse from the WHITE HOUSE itself has dissolved into calling hundreds of thousands of American voters Teabaggers.

He's ignored the deaths of nearly 30 people in the south and the devastating floods. He ignored the oil spill until his people told he he should probably stop counting all the campaign donations from BP and maybe show up or something. In fact he ignored the tremendously cold, bitter and deadly winter we just went through, never even commenting on the loss of life and devastation wrought by the bitter cold.

He calls for fiscal responsibility then passes the most fiscally irresponsible legislation since FDR's first New Deal(Obamacare). Then promises to pass some more fiscally psychotic bills in the name of environmentalism and illegal immigration.

And where is the transparency? The open presidency we were promised? No press conferences since 2009. Staged town halls. No school records released.

There is only one person to blame for YOUR failings Obama and that is yourself. Try some humble pie I heard it's good for curing ego.

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