Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama Holds A Press Conference: Live

Obama's oil tragedy press conference....His first press conference in something like over 300 days.

Bush's fault. BP is evil. No drill baby drill. I am so great and have been working tirelessly on this horrific tragedy. While on vacation, twice. Not to mention playing golf everyday.

More government less drilling!

So far it's been Obama talking...a lot. About shite he has NO IDEA ABOUT. Clearly.

How many times does he have to repeat the lie that he's been "all over it" from day one. We're so great we've been on top of it from day one. HEY BARRY IF THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO YOU SUCK DONKEY BALLS. Does he even listen to his own idiocy?

Jake Tapper just slapped his ass. Barry looks like a tool.

Can't he EVER just answer a question, not give a speech? Took him 12 minutes to say yes.

Asked about Katrina comparisons he says...."Blame Bush". He just said unprecedented, DRINK!

I've never seen a man not answer a question in so many words.

All he's doing is making excuses over and over and over again, and very defensively. Like a sniveling little baby.

Ooohhh Obama does NOT like being told to take responsibility. Blames Bush some more.

Damn he's so boring without a teleprompter.

Helen Thomas throws O'Barry for a loop asking him why we're still over in Afghanistan. He doesn't really answer her question. But does give it a shot.

Cozy relationship with the NYT's is clear. Hell Barry and the NYT beeyotch should get a room.

Was I the only one who caught the fact that Obama actually ACCIDENTALLY ADMITTED they lagged on response time?

"There was a lag of several weeks that shouldn't have happened." -Barack Obama 05/28/2010

Clearly Obama has STILL not read AB1070.

Obama says there will be a response regarding Sestak controversy SHORTLY.  

Finally it ends. I'd not call that a press conference. He just read his prepared answers. Called on selected press and answered what he wanted as he wanted.

Elizabeth Birnbaum, director of the embattled U.S. Minerals Management Service, which oversees offshore drilling, has been fired....

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