Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Times Square Bomber NOT A Lone Wolf

As the evidence rolls out it looks like this was a long time coming. And it appears he had friends.

Not only did Shahzad move his little family back to Karachi Pakistan almost immediately after getting his citizenship last year, but he also spent time hanging out in Pakistani terror training camps.
"A Pakistani government source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told TIME on Tuesday that the suspect had ties with militants while in Pakistan. "He was here at a training camp," the source said. The source also claimed that members of Shahzad's family were arrested in Karachi on Tuesday morning."
Oh but Pakistan is an ally. (Not.)

At very least his wife had to be complicit in this. Additionally Pakistani authoritah has arrested 4-8 suspects in Pakistan. A couple of them at least are said to be family members of Shahzad.

In fact, it seems he and his wife bought a home and never/barely paid for it, causing him to go into forclosure. Looks like he just needed a place to plot from. But he has $1800 cash to buy a car. That I find interesting.

I await Mayor Bloomberg's apology.

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