Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fuck Mexico

I'll make my own Burrito asshole.
I mean it. Fuck them 2 ways to Sunday. Their POS country is so horrendous, their people flee and we the TAX PAYER, the AMERICAN CITIZEN, have to pay for their drugs, disease, crime and anchor babies.

WE THE PEOPLE have eaten a shit bullet for decades as their undesirables move here and turn nice towns into hell holes, I lived it. They bring STD's, communicable diseases, crime, gangs, death, destruction, low riders, polka music and drugs to our country, to our towns, to our homes. We have sat by when our children were told to hide their love for our country because OUR FLAG may piss off these INTRUDERS????

And our totally fucking out of touch America hating Congress give their leader, the man with no conscience, the man who does NOTHING to better his people, his country, nothing to give his constituents a better life a GD standing ovation? FOR WHAT? His ability to make a massive shit hole worse????

Phillipe Calderon has the brass balls to CONDEMNS US????? This man who's own people think it's normal to see a bullet riddled body in the middle of the street??? He condemns US??? This man who's people are RUNNING FROM HIM??? These people who come here to get the hell away from the hell hole POS country he is the leader of?

And now, NOW, this vile disgusting worse than dung, feeble, worthless pile of scum wants to get in on the suing action?
"Mexico on Tuesday asked a federal court in Arizona to declare the state's new immigration law unconstitutional, arguing that the country's own interests and its citizens' rights are at stake."
WTF is he talking about? Unconstitutional? Mexico's constitution? Because he better the hell NOT be talking about mine. HOW DARE THIS POS even DARE to say a damn word when his policia kill people who enter his country illegally. RAPE THEM, use them as slaves. HOW DARE HE.

I have PERSONALLY been shaken down by his disgusting pigs, HIS policia. Those bastards sure as hell asked me where I was from and demanded monetary compensation to let me go. For what? Nothing. I was there to buy some jewelry and maybe have a couple taco's. You couldn't pay me to spend a dime in his POS country anymore. Not a dime.

Fuck you Mexico. Fuck YOU.

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