Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gaza Humanitarian Aid Flotilla? I Don't Think So

Gaza humanitarian aid flotilla? I don't think so. Any moronic Joooooo hating prick who is whining about the evil IDF and how these poor innocent "humanitarian aid" workers were killed in cold blood need to wake the hell up. These Muslim terrorists had a plan and in this case they won. As the FACTS come out it's clear this was a flotilla of seething hatred. Bent on martyrdom and death. But we still have Israeli hating Joooo bashers who no matter how obvious the behavior of the Muslim terrorists choose to ignore it in favor of of embracing their hate of all things Israel.

"Before boarding the Marmara, Ali Khaider Benginin told his family he dreamt of becoming a shahid. Turkish press reports two other slain flotilla participants expressed similar wish. A Dutch activist arrested on flotilla suspected of ties with Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood."

"Interrogation of Gaza aid sail detainees reveals some of passengers recruited specifically to attack Israeli soldiers. Suspects found to be carrying multiple weapons, cash."

"The IDF Spokesperson's office on Wednesday afternoon released more new footage of Gaza flotilla activists attacking soldiers with a stun grenade, a box of plates, and water hoses." Watch the video's on this link.

An arsenal of weapons and cash were recovered from the ship.

This was no "humanitarian aid" effort. It was an act of war.

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