Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Liberals Are Idiots-Case In Point

I found this comment over at Huffpo on a post talking about how totally cool John Stewart is....They were also waxing poetic on the grand old days of Bill Clinton's presidency.

CaliGrown78 6 minutes ago (2:21 PM)
OOOOH I DO!!! I remeber just being fresh outta high school, 18 yrs old, own apartment with all new sh** it in it. I would go party & be so hung over I didn't wanna go to work so I simply wouldn't. Then I'd get my last paycheck, run thru it, need another job & BOOM I'd have one!! The first time I ever got laid off, collected an unemployment check, & had a hard time finding a job was Shrub's first term, now I wouldn't quit a job to save my first born!!
That my fine right leaning friends is the typical Obama voter.

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