Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Chelsea Clinton's wedding is indicative of how totally OUT OF TOUCH Democrats are with the real world.

According to reports, Chelsea Clinton's wedding will cost about 5 MILLION+ dollars to put on. Her dress alone running upwards to $25,000. Guests will be treated to portable toilets sporting porcelain bowls and marble counter tops and hot running water. The cake is rumored to cost almost $12,000. For a cake. The tents and other structures being erected cost half a million dollars and each table will have about $3,000 worth of flowers on them. I could go on but you get the point.

Here we are in the worst depression since the GREAT Depression. People are losing their homes, their cars, their jobs. Unemployment gets worse daily. We are still being effected by the worst environmental disaster to ever occur in the US. We are at war.

And what do the Democrats do? They golf (Obama has played at least 41 rounds of golf as of July 16th), they throw lavish star studded parties at The White House and let's not forget the cost of the numerous vacations in glitzy resorts and getaways(not simply going home to work at, say a ranch.)

I am not saying the Clinton's don't have a right to spend their own money as the see fit, but it just shows how completely out of touch with humanity these people are. I wish Horse Face Jr. and her groom the best of luck.

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