Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Is A Racist

Through a fog of pain yesterday(I am currently bedridden, threw my back out badly), I watched as The White House and it's people bent over backwards to apologize to a woman for no reason at all. Shirley Sherrod is a racist. Her comments in the controversial clip and throughout her career were all clearly anti white and hate filled.

During the clip as she is speaking before the NAACP when she talks about how she screwed whitey the people in the audience cheered her. And she laughed at that. She smiled at that.

In fact even today as I watch this woman on the Early Show, all she's talking about is how she is thinking of suing and the poor Latino, black and woman farmers. Should she have been fired? Maybe. What was her job performance like otherwise? She openly admitted to NOT DOING HER JOB, which in my book is grounds for termination. Even if she DID in fact use the experience as a "teachable moment".

What's most pathetic here is that ONCE AGAIN this administration acted before it knew all the facts. It's Beer Summit 2.0.

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