Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blame The Tea Party: UPDATED

Good lord. The Leftards need to check their bitches and stop blaming Tea Party Patriots for all their ills.

Read THIS:

"St. Louis police have arrested a 50-year-old white man in connection to the bizarre firebombing early yesterday of Congressman Russ Carnahan's campaign headquarters.

Police aren't releasing the man's name until charges are officially filed. No motive was given for the attack, though one could suspect that the perpetrator is not a fan of the congressman. Given what we know of him -- 50, white, angry -- he certainly fits the demographics of a Tea Party member."
OMG it was a white guy so he MUST be a Tea Partier!

Well no, not really....
"The suspect was reportedly a disgruntled progressive activist employed by Russ Carnahan. An unnamed source familiar with the case released the information. Suspect Chris Powers reportedly was upset because he did not get paid so he firebombed the Carnahan finance offices at 2 in the morning…"

MORE!!! Here's the guy (the sweaty one in the gray top) harassing TEA PARTIERS!!! 

H/T Michelle Malkin.

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