Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zetas Laredo Ranch Takeover Hoax Continues

Good lord, the hoax about how 2 Laredo Texas ranches were taken over by the Mexican drug cartels will not just die the death it needs to.

Now the "reporter",Kimberly Dvorak, who released the information originally claiming it was all confirmed FACT!!! is still spouting off about it. This time she claims to have the original police blotter from the the "incident".

The "proof" of the Laredo Invasion

Problem is, her "proof" contains some serious discrepancies.

1.) It alludes to a Laredo Sheriff Office. There is no Laredo Sheriffs Office. There is a WEBB COUNTY Sheriffs office though that includes Laredo Texas.

2.) It mentions only ONE ranch when her original supposedly CONFIRMED story spoke of two ranches being invaded.

I don't know why Kimberly Dvorak feels the need to keep pushing a story I myself confirmed was total bullshit by simply calling the Laredo PD, but she is a persistent one.It takes away from the REAL stories of incursions that have in fact occurred.

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