Friday, September 10, 2010

9/11 2010

Nine years later and it feels like just yesterday hijackers took over 4 jet planes and used them as weapons of mass destruction to kill my countrymen.

9 years later and watching a Budweiser commercial with some Clydesdale's bowing to NYC has me blubbering like a baby. And watching any kind of 9/11 video, especially the ones with people screaming in the back ground OH MY GAWD!!!! still has the ability to render me a rage filled angry American who'd like nothing better than to slap the nearest Jihadi hard, multiple times, while kicking him in the cajones.

I have never, will never and can never forget. Nor will I ever, can I ever, FORGIVE.

9 years later, still under the MISGUIDED impression that we will ever win the hearts and minds of the cult of death responsible for killing 2,996 human beings in one swift blow. The idiocy of it overwhelms me.

I sat yesterday and watched as Muslims protested the THOUGHT, the POSSIBILITY of 50 people burning a couple of Korans in Florida and watched how my entire country bent over backward to assure them that it was a BAD THING. The Muslims of course promising MORE DEATH and MORE DESTRUCTION to those who DARE to insult them. I did not, have not, nor do I ever expect to see tens of thousands of Muslims march through the streets calling for the death of the Islamic jihadi's who everyday continue their pursuit of a 9/11 times a thousand.

9/11 9 years later and we have become total pussies.

I almost want to just go buy a Koran and burn it in solidarity with all of those who have died in it's name. Including the 2,996 people who were MURDERED on 9/11/2001 in the name of Islam. I am thoroughly disgusted.

Well said President Bush.

To those of you who HAVE forgotten, remember.

To those who are always in my thoughts.

To the soldiers who fight the enemy still, bless you.

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