Monday, September 27, 2010

Armed Men At San Jose Airport

Holy crap on a stick. This ABSOLUTELY MADE MY ASS PUCKER.

"Just before 3 p.m. Saturday, a white Chevy Blazer pulled up to the arrival curb outside Terminal A at Mineta San Jose International Airport. Two men dressed in black parked the SUV, switched on its hazard lights and approached the information desk to inquire about American Airlines Flight 1205 from Dallas. Both carried assault rifles strapped across their chests, with handguns in their holsters.

A volunteer at the desk politely told them the plane was due at 3:02 p.m. And another volunteer asked one of the armed men, "Are you one of the people who ride on the plane" looking for terrorists? "No," he replied.

Then the pair casually waited near the escalator that ferries travelers to the luggage carousels.

It appears that airport travelers that day either figured the pair's mission was benign, or perhaps thought they were part of a ninja movie. San Jose police said they received no calls inquiring about the men with rifles."
Turns out the men were there to escort some scientist dude to his lab. But HOLY HELL. They just kinda didn't give a fuck these armed men showed up and did nothing while they were there. I was just AT that airport a few weeks ago and they touched me in my special places to make sure I wasn't packing heat and they let these guys just CHILL OUT with assault rifles???

Via iowntheworld.

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