Sunday, September 26, 2010

SEIU Voter Fraud

Oh SNAP! The SEIU should be disbanded. The SEIU has been linked to voter fraud/intimidation and down right violence in the past but it looks like this time the proof is indisputable. This time it's in Houston. Where that weird unexplained fire burned all those voting machines a couple months before the big know the fire they STILL have "no idea" how it was caused????!!!???
"Most of the findings focused on a group called Houston Votes, a voter registration group headed by Steve Caddle, who also works for the Service Employees International Union(AKA SEIU OF THE PURPLE SHIRTS). Among the findings were that only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be valid. The other registrations included one of a woman who registered six times in the same day; registrations of non-citizens; so many applications from one Houston Voters collector in one day that it was deemed to be beyond human capability; and 1,597 registrations that named the same person multiple times, often with different signatures."
Good job Catherine Engelbrecht and your team from True the Vote for digging this all up!

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