Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday News Round Up's getting hot out there...

California d-bags lied about pollution levels to ram taxes and new laws up our collective arses. They lied by 340%. 340%!!!!

Glenn Beck is taking some time off to under go tests next week for a myriad of issues. The guy is a walking stoke, he needs to chillax.

Jobless? Thank the Summer of Recovery! Only 9.5% unemployment!!! Damn that Bush.

Man bites Dog!

Government spending rises 9%! SHOCKER!!!!

Global hurricanes at 33 year low? Don't tell Gore.

MTV screens it's audience for an upcoming Obama special so they can pack the room with flaming leftards. Shouldn't be hard.

Good 'ol Joe Biden is really sticking his foot in it. First he threatens to strangle he tells an audience in Wisconsin “You’re the dullest audience I’ve ever spoken to." You just gotta love the guy.

Obama seeks to circumvent Congress to push his radical agenda.

What do you all think about the man who failed to pay his fire service fee and lost his home, his cat, his 3 dogs and all that he owned because of $75.00?

Court Ordered Pledge of Allegiance? I don't think so Mr. Judge.

This movie is GAY!!!!

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