Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jerry Brown: Wealth and Illegals

Jerry Brown, beside being a total POLITICAL WHORE himself, is also probably one of the dumbest crookaticians I have EVER seen. Watch this video from the other night at a college rally here in California.

Now....allow me to EDUCATE YOU JERRY!!!!

1.) We have no f-ing wealth. This state is so broke we all owe our first born kids to Rumpelstiltskin.

2.) It takes more than a "few months" to fix what took DECADES OF LEFTARDS LIKE YOU to produce.

3.) You'll sign a bill allowing CRIMINAL INVADERS to attend OUR SCHOOLS on OUR DIME???? Are you f-ing kidding me? Jerry, THEY ARE ILLEGALS. THEY ARE CRIMINALS. Fuck you.

4.) California is billions upon billions of dollars in debt, telling these criminal invaders they'll all get to attend school is criminally insane.

Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is a schizo whack job who lives in some kind of leftard Moonbat fantasy society where debt, reality and the law don't exist.

This man is dangerous. He MUST be defeated. I'll not go so far as to actually endorse Meg Whitman here but the answer is clear.

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