Thursday, October 07, 2010

Oath Keepers Baby Stolen?

This smells fishier than a week old bag full of head cheese. I wish people would WAIT till all the facts are out until they get all het up.

Here's the down low on the Oath Keepers from their website:

"Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law and deprive them of their ancient right to jury trial.

We Oath Keepers have drawn a line in the sand. We will not “just follow orders.”

Our motto is “Not on our watch!”
So a man named John Irish is claiming his baby was stolen by evil FBI agents. (Calm down Ron.) In the middle of the night evil FBI agents supposedly came down like bats from hell on him and his sweet little fiancee and just straight up "stole" his baby right out of the hospital. Because he and his lady are members of a website called Oath Keepers. THAT is the reason he is giving. Not that ANY of this has actually been proven. There is no evidence nothing' Literally this random guy just accusing the FBI of stealing his baby.

That's all I know there is very little info but I am seeing it posted everywhere.

I'm calling this one FAKE. And people... we need to MAINTAIN or we are going to hand this election to the leftards on a silver platter.

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