Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday 2010 - UPDATED

Well....I was one of THOSE people today. When I heard Wal-Mart was going to be open Thanksgiving DAY I decided to go. TOTAL waste of time. NO specials, no deals....NOTHING that made the brief interruption to food and football worth it.

IF for some godforsaken reason my ass is AWAKE before the sun rises tomorrow. I will go to Target.

I have gotten some astronomical deals on Black Friday in the past that ALMOST make the early rising worth it. That being said. I don't do LINES. So they open @ 5 I would get there at the earliest @ 6 or so. All the crazy mo-fo's who want ANOTHER Playstation, TV or some other electrical device are already in and most are already gone.

I go for the socks. The sweaters. The 3 dollar toasters, the DVDS and mostly just to laugh my ass off @ the freaks. I mean I LOVE those weirdo's with 3 carts full of useless crap.

I shall report back if I go. It is a fine indicator of what the spending will be for the season.

UPDATE: So I went to Target. It was pretty busy. Not bad since it turned out they opened @ 4am and I got there @ 6. I'd have to say it was not nearly as busy in years past. I still could have gotten a 52in. LCD for $300 bucks. I got a scarf for 2 bucks and a puffy vest thing for 7 bucks. I really love it. And I got a paw print kit to make a paw print ornament of Birdy's paw. What can I say, I'm broke.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.....ROLL ON CHRISTMAS!

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