Thursday, November 11, 2010

British Muslims Burn Poppy

How's the free counsel housing working for you Asad?
Yeah I am not talking about the opium poppies. Fuckers....
"About 35 Islamic protesters, dressed in dark clothes and with many masking their faces, carried banners and chanted slogans such as "British soldiers: terrorists".

The protesters said they were from a group called Muslims Against Crusades.

They gathered near Hyde Park in London before burning a model of a poppy on the stroke of 11am then marching along Exhibition Road and along an underpass, past the Victoria and Albert and Natural History Museums.

Asad Ullah, 23, a spokesman for the group who would only say he was from London, said: "The British soldiers you remember on this day are soldiers who have taken innocent lives in illegal occupations and unjust wars."
Can we all collectively say DEPORTATION? Fuck Asad, he can kiss my ass and if I we met, I'd gladly kick his small little camel humping balls up his chocolate wizzway.

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