Tuesday, November 09, 2010

California Missile Mystery Expands


Everyone is all a Twitter over the California Mystery Missile.

We've got people speculating the missile, and it WAS a missile of some type, was an ICBM shot into the sky from a submarine. A "show of force".

I have also heard several other theories as well.

It was a cover up for a accidental nuclear melt down in India.(????)

It was a missile sent to intercept a missile sent by Iran/China/Russia.

It was a space craft, filled with little green aliens.

It was Ironman.

It was a US Navy Missile and was sent into the sky to cause panic.

It was SKYNET!!!!

It was the result of Taco Tuesday. Sorry.

My favorite...It was an errant weather balloon.

Meanwhile our entire military complex is being tight lipped. I think, were it ours, they'd have claimed it by now. Just saying.

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