Monday, November 15, 2010

Curtis Got Slapped

Holy crap I couldn't make this up if I were a Hollywood screenwriter. Kid get's slapped by teacher(ALLEGEDLY). Mom goes ballistic and writes 40 page reparations letter. You HAVE to read the letter to believe the sheer audacity of this "black mother" who feels her kids face is worth over a million dollars and then some.

Here's a partial list of her insane demands:

"$13,500 worth of Wal-Mart gift cards, a free college education, two trips to Disney World, nine years of private tennis lessons on the Plaza, season tickets to the opera, theater, and ballet, almost a decade's worth of psychological counseling by "the best black child psychologist in the country," a whole orchestra's worth of new musical instruments, a three-week trip to Africa at a five-star hotel, and a personal audience with President Obama. Lisa Henry's demands are just as WTF-worthy. She demands the full payment of her mortgage, a new car, home remodeling, free psychological, dental, and medical care for the next nine years, and the cherry on the sundae:

Independent consulting contract position with the Kansas City Missouri School district, for the next nine years. My consulting fee begins at $15,000 per month, minimum 6 months contract.
Yes, she is asking for A JOB!!!!!! Nutjob.


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