Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bitch Suing McDonalds Over Happy Meals

All right I am about to go on an EPIC RANT. Please make sure your chair and seat table are in the upright position and make sure your seat belt is in place.

Here's the story.

A stupid fucking bitch has 2 kids. She is suing McDonald's because her kids want Happy Meals. They ask for them a lot because they like Shrek Forever or whatever the fuck it's called. They begged and pestered and the BITCH....

"In a call with reporters, Monet Parham, a Sacramento mother of two, said she was bringing the case because of the constant requests for McDonald's Happy Meals.

"I don't think it's OK to entice children with Happy Meals with the promise of a toy," Parham said, adding that she tries to hold her daughters, 6 and 2, to monthly visits to the fast-food chain. But she said their requests increased this summer, thanks to the popularity of "Shrek Forever After." Collecting all of the toys offered in conjunction with the movie would require weekly visits, she said.

"Needless to say, my answer was no," Parham said. "And as usual, pouting ensued and a little bit of a disagreement between us. This doesn't stop with one request. It's truly a litany of requests."
Begin RANT:
Oh My GAWD, you stupid fucking leftist TWAT!!!! Who the fuck do you think you are??? They are fucking KIDS. Fucking KIDS ask for shit all the time. Here's what you do stupid BITCH...YOU FUCKING SAY NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! If that doesn't work you start taking shit away from them till they get the point. If that doesn't work take all their shit away. Make them eat fucking Brussel fucking sprouts everyday for a week. Sit their bratty little spoiled leftard-in-training asses in time out or whatever. When they beg say no and when they ask why, you fucking say,"BECAUSE I SAID SO, THAT'S WHY!!!!"

Stupid fucks like you are the reason kids today are spineless, worthless losers without a trace of shame. Idiots like you are why we no longer give F's, use red pens to grade papers, play tag or play MOTHER FUCKING DODGEBALL!!!!

Marketing to kids? Marketing to kids???? Well turn the fucking IDIOT BOX OFF bitch and learn some GD self control. You think I or ANY kid for that matter got everything they wanted that they saw on TV? Not in realityville you dumb hooker.

I want to fucking sue YOU, you stupid bitch, for raising whining little shits who will one day be responsible for fulfilling Obama's legacy of turning this country into a socialist hell hole full of third world shitbags and Hamas recruits. I want to sue YOU for wasting the courts time when there are REAL issues to deal with.

Now suck it up bitch and tell your little spawn NO and take them to fucking Whole Foods for a 10 dollar arugula sandwich and stop wasting the courts time.

/Rant over.

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