Thursday, December 09, 2010

Escondido Bomb Factory About To Be Blown Up -UPDATED

UPDATED: WHOA that mofo is burning hard and fast in just a minute. So far no explosions. I can see it from my house. And I am about 40 miles away.

11:02- House is fully engulfed and there are reports of many small explosions. Joe Lizura says he can hear many small explosions. The woman who lives just to the left and behind it is watching live on KUSI news poor lady. I just heard a boom and frankly I worry about what else is in there. Seems to be going OK.

11:11 am- The air quality guy says that the plume is doing exactly as it should. I just went out and looked north east and it looks like shit.

11:19 am- Well there aint much left. A few booms and some big flashes. The brush is catching near the house they need to get on that soon. WOW big boom!!!! And now a huge fireball in the front of the shell of the house.

11:25- Commentator from the metro arson strike team just say they may have to PULL the walls...take that troofers. Oddly the yard keeps erupting with big flames.

11:30- Looks like the flames are dying down now just a shell left. Thank goodness the neighbors homes seem to have made it through. They are starting to put it out now. Or at least the vegetation.

We are just minutes away from the destruction of the largest bomb factory in a private residence in U.S. history being blown up. A little house in northern San Diego. It's almost gleeful, the news coverage. I can tell you this, if I were one of the neighbors I'd be nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
Escondido Bomb Factory Minutes From Explosion

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