Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday News Round up

Eating their own....Fineman To Olbermann: Democrats Said of Tax Plan 'F the President,' 'No F-ing Way,' 'He F-ed It Up'....Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Narcissistic asshole...Obama honors Nobel winner with statement about himself... of course, the man think of NO ONE BUT himself.

LAME...these "zero tolerance" laws are stupid. Like suspending kids for bringing toy soldiers to school or water guns... this case is epic stupidness...Montana Honor Student Faces Expulsion for Leaving Hunting Rifle in Car While at School

Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest at Elizabeth Edwards funeral, but they will be met with resistance. It's about time, these sick fucks need to be put in their place.

Terrorist lovin' teacher teaches our future generations....

Guess he can't have it his way....Michigan Man, 67, Dies After Punch by Burger King Worker

Pathetic whining British scum attack the royals, piss on war memorials and wantonly destroy public property.

AAAAHHHHHH GLOBAL WARMING!!!! Another Dose of Frigid Air....

Senate fails on repeal of 'Don't ask, don't tell' included in defense authorization bill....NEXT.

Change we can believe in...Conservatives upset that 'Prince of Pork' will rule spending panel...more of the same.

Good, even if he is a nutter troofer...Fed critic Ron Paul wins oversight gavel.

Wanted: Brick wall to beat my head against...Reid unveils tax plan with green provisions to win liberal support...


Have a great weekend folks!

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