Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday News Roundup!

Wow Helen Thomas is a total Joooo hater...."Thomas...was in Dearborn today for an Arab Detroit workshop on anti-Arab bias. "We are owned by propagandists against the Arabs. There's no question about that. Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists." Dear Helen the best propagandists against Arabs are ARABS.

Speaking of Jooooos..."Alaska’s largest provider of abortions will be selling holiday gift certificates good for services including abortion in a fundraising effort during a Jewish bazaar on Sunday."

Hmmmmmm....Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time...

CNN Reporter Put On Watch List After Criticizing TSA....Making a list, checking it twice...

It's OK Folks it wasn't a Mosque so no one cares....Vandals Torch Christmas Charity Van...

Really? "The U.S. Air Force's secrecy-shrouded X-37B unmanned spaceplane returned to Earth early Friday after more than seven months in orbit on a classified mission."

TRANSPARENCY!!!! Tax Breaks for Bailout Recipients Stir Up Debate...ya think?

Poor Babies...."Some reporters are upset at ABC News for allegedly reporting prematurely, via Twitter and its website, President Barack Obama's surprise trip to Afghanistan."

KKK Snowman Spreads Holiday Hate In Hayden....Yes this is hate, but our taxpayer dollars pay for a Jesus covered in ants as "art".

Cool....'Hacktivist' Jester Claims Responsibility for WikiLeaks Attack...

Military Chiefs Cast Doubt on Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'...of course O'Barry will ignore this.

Video of the Week:

It really get's good towards the end. Well worth watching.

Happy Friday all it's so wonderful out there.


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