Monday, December 20, 2010

Muslim Woman Falsely Accuses Police Officer Of Racism

So a Muslim bitch in Australia got pulled over by a cop. From moment one she started screaming at him and calling him a racist (i.e. she pulled the race card). She went non linear on the cop.

THEN she went to the media and claimed the police officer abused her and lunged at her and tried to remove her niquab. And since going to the media wasn't enough, she THEN went to the police and filed a report claiming racism and abuse.

BUT....(bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha....) the police officer had had a camera in the squad car and it caught the whole incident. And it turns out the crazy Muslim bitch made the whole thing up. In fact the only person being abused was the VERY calm police officer.

What have we learned from this?

1.) Muslims will scream racism when we all know ISLAM IS NOT A FUCKING RACE!!!!
2.) Muslims will use our own PCBS against us.
3.) This woman has 7 kids, they really ARE trying to breed us out of our countries.
4.) Those video cameras in squad cars are really good for something.

On a side note, the bitch has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for filing a false report. BUT, she is claiming it wasn't really her that filed the report because whoever filed it was wearing a niquab. And the local Muslim community says she should get off because she has 7 kids. Yup....saw this coming from 100 miles away.

H/T Iggymom

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