Friday, December 31, 2010

The Political Jungle Top 10 News Stories Of 2010

Well 2010 was a helluva year. Some good, mostly bad and not much in between. I'll not be sad to see the backside of this shit hole of a year. So I have been out, drank too many margaritas and am now prepared to announce what I PERSONALLY think are the top 10 news stories of the year.


10.) Those loud ass annoying things at the World Cup.

9.) Michelle Obama trying to take away my beloved salt.

8.) Gloria Allred and The Nicky Diaz Show.

7.) Chris Christie and his awesome awesomeness.

6.) Haitian Earthquake....because no one gives a shit about earthquakes (like the 7.3 mother fucker we had here in So. Cal on Easter) unless it happens in 3rd world hell holes.

5.) BP oil spill. And the total lack of response from Barry and Co.

4.) Fuck "Don't Tase Me Bro" that is so 3 years ago. The newest catchphrase is clearly DON'T TOUCH MY JUNK!!!!

3.) Obamacare.

2.) Wikileak in yo face.

and # 1....

1.) The 2010 Midterm shit and DIE Pelosi.

And of course....the uber bonus story of the year...which I did NOT include in the top 10 because it is SOOOOO ongoing is the Ground Zero Mosque. Suck it Mohammed.

Honorable mentions....The RECESSION. NK VS. SK. Gay Military. Christine O'Donnell's total annihilation. George Bush's Autobiography. The shitty Olympics (stupid Canadians.) The Icelandic Volcano. The Chilean Miners.

I'm sure I missed a few let me know. What was YOUR top 10?

Well kids cheers to 2011....It has GOT to be better.

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