Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday News Roundup!

Egypt is going OFF. Muzzies are running in the streets shooting things and people and each other and tearing the place down...looks like London.

Rahm get's the nod to run for Mayor even though he CLEARLY did not live in Chicago. Typical CHICAGO politics.

Hilarity in Hawaii continues...Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie's Health Director Quits...That was fast.

The Chinese are pissed at Rush
...who isn't these days?

I feel safer every day. Controversial Muslim cleric caught being smuggled into U.S. over Mexico border...Oh and this too....Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona Desert...

Palin hate has spread to Bristol Palin....ENRAGED LEFTISTS Force University to Nix Bristol Palin Campus Appearance...Pathetic.

Green jobs suck....How Well Does a U.N. Agency Do Its Pricey 'Green Job'? Not That Well, Study Says...

Charlie Sheen did a lot of coke. Not news, sorry.

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