Monday, January 03, 2011

Kanye West Decapitates White Women

This racist hate filled POS needs to be shunned. Big time. Kanye West is a vile piece of excrement.

"The song will appear on Kanye West’s new album titled “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Based on the video, his fantasy appears to be to kidnap, rape, and murder white women. The initial cover art, which has already been rejected by Walmart, features a black man holding a beer bottle in a sexually explicit pose with a naked white woman.

Kanye West, a world famous black rap star notorious for anti-white outbursts on national television, is depicted holding the severed head of a white woman in his new video. The video also features Jay-Z, another big name, who campaigned with Barack Obama."
Any sick fuck who buys this album needs their head examined. Fuck Kanye and Fuck Jay-Z.

H/T Iggymom 

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